Welcome to Casey TigerSharks’ auction site.  If you would like to place a bid on an item, you will be required to register on the site.  To do this, place a bid.  You can then follow through the steps to bid.  Once registered, you will be able to place a bid.  Ensure to register with your real name & phone, so that we can get back in touch with you.

Happy Bidding!

Likewise, if you have items or services that you would like to donate to the Club for Auction on this site, please contact:  with details on the item.  The Club will then consider the items for auction on this site.

Current Projects:

Casey TigerSharks are currently raising funds to put towards the purchase of a BBQ trailer for the Club to use at events.

Club BBQ Trailer – Cost $4,000.  Amount Raised:


Auctions may have reserves set.  In the event the reserve is not met in the timeframe specified, the item will then be moved to eBay to be made available to the general public.  All bids made are to be serviced by the bidder.

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